Thursday, 26 January 2017

Gmail Monthly Tips

How to become a Gmail Power user

Ready for a Gmail productivity boost? We thought we would share our tips and tricks to help you save time and make the most out of your inbox.

Being a Gmail power user often lies in knowing just a little more than the average user does. And if we know something, it’s a Gmail inbox, so we thought we’d let you know how your inbox can simplify your life. With a series of little monthly tips.

First of, let's see how to:

Organize your inbox with stars

Using Gmail’s star system lets you tag your inbox messages with color-coded shapes and stars.

By default, your inbox only provides a yellow star but you have the choice of tagging messages with other colored stars and icons.

It’s entirely up to you which icons and colors you use, and how you use them.

As an example, you could tag your urgent messages with a red exclamation mark, the messages you need to read with a yellow star and messages that must be researched before responding with a purple question mark.

How to activate other stars and icons

Follow these simple steps:

In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the Gmail settings (gear button);
From the menu, select Settings;

On the General tab in the Stars section, drag the stars you’d like to use from the Not in Use list to the In Use list.

How to use stars

If you choose to use a star to tag a message in your inbox, simply click the empty star icon next to it until you find the one you want. (Gmail will rotate through the stars you’ve placed in your In Use list.)

But it gets even simpler, you can also perform this same task by using the keyboard shortcut "s".

If you are sending a message and you want to apply a star, go to the New Message window and click on the down arrow in the lower right corner, choose Label, then select Add Star.

It's that simple and from now on you can sort through priorities in your messages just by looking at the star next to it.

Enjoy tagging your inbox!

The Gmelius Team

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