Thursday, 12 January 2017

New Year, New Team, New Blog!

Well, hello everyone!
First off we would like to wish you a belated happy new year from all of us at Gmelius!

A lot happened for us in the past couple of months, and lot is still in store, so we thought we would spread the good news!

As you have noticed, we freshened up the look and feel of our website, so don’t hesitate to let us know how much you like it and to share the love!
Amongst other changes our ranks have tripled up with the new year and we will introduce you to our new members in the coming weeks. We can already tell you that they are all awesome! And we are totally unbiased about it!

We are also shaking things up with regards to this very blog, you will still get info about Gmelius updates, but we will also make sure to share more with you about us, our tech loves and email tips as well as topics we fancy and anything we think might interest you.

By the way if you want us tell you more about a feature or would like a blog post about a specific subject, just contact us through social media! We are here for you!

That said we should go back to work, so have a lovely day!
The Gmelius team

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