Thursday, 19 January 2017

Our tech advice of the month

Password Managers

As you know privacy and security are one of our top priorities!

Gmelius blocks email trackers, preventing your contacts from gathering information about where, when or how often you read an e-mail.

But what is the point of making sure windows are closed if you leave the door unlocked?

It may seem like a gain of time to use an easy password and (even worst) reuse said password on any and every site you log on to.

However, if your password is easy to remember, it is easy to find. If you are hacked on a specific platform while using the same easy password on others, all your data on these websites can end-up being compromised too.

When it comes to your inbox, think of all the data you store there (we all know it is both our diary, our safe and basically most of our brain). Your email being hacked could be a major security breach, leading to all the accounts you have linked to your inbox being reset and wrongfully used. Think Amazon, Paypal, Facebook and much more...

That is why our tech advice of the month is to use a Password Manager. This program will evaluate and store your passwords, with the option to automatically generated long and complicated passwords for your vulnerable accounts.

If you want to know more, or find out which ones to use, PC Mag and Lifehacker amongst others have made neat recaps laying out good options to choose from.

So go make sure your inbox is safe, and have a lovely day!

The Gmelius Team

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