Thursday, 16 February 2017

Gmail Monthly Tips

TIP 2: Use labels to properly organize your inbox

Labels are one of the easiest and most effective ways of organizing your Gmail inbox.
They allow you to categorize email by topic, client, project, action required etc.

Add labels to gmail

If you’re coming from another email system and moving to Gmail, you’re probably wondering why there are no folders. The answer is that Gmail doesn’t use folders. It uses labels.

But you can use your labels much like you would a folder to empty out your inbox and get even more precise in your categorisation!

Indeed Gmail conversation can have many labels and be in many locations: Inbox, Sent Mail, All Mail, and so on - which offers you more flexibility than having messages in only one folder.

If all your Gmail messages are in your inbox and you’ve never used labels before (don’t worry, you are not the only one), it’s time to start cleaning up:

Easy 3-Step Labelling Process

  1. Create a new label
  • Select a message and click on the Labels button on the navigation sidebar
  • And select “Create new label”
  • Type in a name, decide (for sub-labels tick the box to nest it under a parent label)
  • Click “Create”
Create a new label

Alternatively, when you have selected particular email, you can create a new label simply by starting to type the name of the label in the search bar and clicking on create new.

Create a new label

2. Apply labels to existing messages

To apply labels to messages in your inbox the easiest methods are:

  • To use labels as you would folders: from the Inbox, drag the message to the label on the navigation sidebar on the left. The label will be applied by Gmail and the message will be moved out of the Inbox
  • To keep the message in your inbox but label it: drag the label to the message, Gmail will apply the label and the message will stay in your Inbox
  • Alternatively at the top of the Inbox, use the Move To button or the Labels button to label or move messages; however, it’s usually quicker to use the drag-and-drop method. You can select multiple messages to be labeled/dragged.

3. From now on, label every new message when reviewing your inbox. (Alternatively, you can set up a filter to do this step for you.)

Manage labels

If you want to view all messages that have been tagged with a certain label, click on that label in the navigation sidebar.
Labels can be managed on the Labels tab of the Gmail Settings page. From here you can specify which labels to hide and which labels to show in both the message list and the label list. You can also remove a label (which doesn’t delete the messages in it) and edit the name of a label.

Label settings

You can also change labels color by getting over them on the navigation sidebar and clicking on the down arrow.

Well now, let's get organizing!
The Gmelius team

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