Thursday, 2 February 2017

Meet the team: Payam

Payam Bahrami, Developer & Customer success

Just an easy-going person who loves to laugh and smile. One of the voices behind our customer support.

Your favourite tech thing?

The “power case” I just ordered for my phone. Getting a full charge back just from a case allows me to be “connected” a few more hours each day. I get pretty nervous if I can’t check my emails often.

Your favourite startup/crowdfunding project?

Qoqa [a swiss website which advertises a deal per day]since they had their own version of the advent calendar, including a New-York trip (which all of us tried to win at Gmelius… without much success). I like checking in to look for deals or special offers and keep an eye out for upcoming trips, you never know.

The email hack, tip or feature you use the most?

Keyboard Shortcuts, when you start working at Gmelius some of the Power User knowledge ends up rubbing off on you. The shortcuts let me be much more efficient and quick. Cmd-enter (ctrl-enter in you are on pc) is a quick way to send an email or Shift-r opens up a new window for you to type your message in when you are on a conversation thread.

Your pop figurine and why?

Alan & Carlos from the movie “the Hangover”.

The first time I saw this figurine, I was laughing so hard I had no other choice but to get it.

What you are most known for in the office?

Unfortunately, my addiction to coffee! No seriously, I have to limit myself to 5 a day but less than 3 and I don’t really feel like myself anymore.

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