Thursday, 23 February 2017

Meet the Team: Raphael

Raphaël Bischof, Software Engineer

Updating the app that you must use, adding some cool features to it, specialized in the mobile app that you will be using.

Your favourite tech thing (website, app gadget)? 
From a professional point of view, I would say that the most beautiful tech thing that I have had in hands are Android devices. Why is that?
I really appreciate when mobile os are open sourced, well designed and user-friendly. I love working on it, and I also love to use it. On the personal side, I would say that I really appreciate the Raspberry Pi tech, with these small devices, you can easily do a bunch of things. As I like to create some domotic solutions for my own house, these small computers help me give shape to my thoughts.

Your favourite startup/crowdfunding project?
The kind of crowdfunding projects that I appreciate is similar to projects like GravityLight, it is a simple light, but using a different kind of energy: mechanical energy. These projects bring me some confidence in humankind, some faith in humanity.

The email hack, tip or feature you use the most?

Without any doubts for this answer, the feature that I use the most is scheduled emails. As I work at different moments of the day, including late evenings, I prefer my emails to be sent the next morning instead.

Your pop figurine and why?
I'm Hulk, I give you an advice, don't try to make me angry ;-)

What you are most known for in the office?
I don't know if I can give an answer to this question myself, I'll ask my coworkers =)
[We’d say it is his face in the morning when he found a parking space close by: pure joy]

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