Thursday, 9 February 2017

Our Tech advice of the month


Whether on a trip or just in an area with poor network services, we have all logged on to a public wifi to get that one email through or read the news while waiting for a flight.

But a public wifi can be a great way for attackers to collect your personal information. Not to see harm everywhere but can you imagine how many people are connected to a hotel or a city’s free wifi? Can you guarantee none have bad intentions?

Here is where our advice of the month comes in: VPN or virtual private network.

In essence, this technology creates an encrypted and secure connection (often referred to as a tunnel). Basically, VPN encrypts your internet traffic and reroutes it through an anonymous server.

Using a VPN then “masks” your data and your identity making it close to impossible to track you.

From then on you would not be foolproof against attacks though but much less vulnerable. (As long as you keep taking the necessary steps to ensure your online security, such as not downloading files from untrusted sources and making sure your passwords are strong.)

In order to choose your VPN services, you can check out PC Mag’s recent recommendations. And do not hesitate to check online industry reviews of the different services, as demonstrated by a recent study relayed by The Next Web trusting only users’ ratings can be misleading.

A VPN provider needs to be carefully selected as you will trust them with your connection which should only happen if you have a certain level of confidence in them.

Have a safe browsing.
The Gmelius Team

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