Friday, 17 March 2017

Gmail Monthly Tip

TIP 3: Personalize your inbox with Gmelius

Under Gmail’s default settings section, you have a few options to customize your inbox. For instance, you can specify the number of messages to appear in your inbox, turn off Google Chat etc.
But you are fairly limited in the customization options.

However, with Gmelius, you can personalize your inbox further.
You can really tweak Gmail – from customizing the look of your inbox to removing Gmail ads and disabling functions you don’t use. Learn more.

Some of the most popular customization options possible with Gmelius are:

  • Disable Ads: Remove all Google advertisements from your inbox.

  • Noiseless inbox: Enjoy a cleaner inbox by removing or disabling diverse elements you don’t use, e.g., the people widget, chat, Google+ activity, the Gmail footer, etc.

  • Smarter attachment icons (on the left): The standard paperclip icon that signals an attachment is replaced with a graphic that reflects the type of file attached. You can also move icons from the right to the left of your inbox, making attachments more visible at first glance.

  • Labels on the right: Move labels from the left to the right of your inbox, making it easier to read your message subject line.

  • Customize the look of your compose window: Get more control over how your compose window looks. For example, always show the formatting toolbar or make the subject line editable by default.

  • Inline images scaled to fit: Large images in emails often break the layout of your inbox, Gmelius automatically resizes large pictures to fit the width of your screen.

  • Better navigation icons: Make Gmail navigation icons (e.g., Archive, Spam, Delete) more identifiable by adding text and/or color.

  • Scroll to top: Relax and enjoy a smooth auto-scroll to the top of your email by simply clicking on the header of your inbox.

  • Search from any tab: Search for messages in the address bar of your browser, just like you would perform a normal Google search.

  • Consistent look of incoming emails: Avoid receiving emails with an exotic font and colors by removing fancy formatting from messages you received.

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