Thursday, 9 March 2017


Earlier this month, Raphael mentioned the GravityLight project and as we love it when technology serves a greater purpose, we thought we would give you more details about it.

For always connected, always plugged in people, especially in the tech world, it is quite easy to forget that in some parts of the world electricity is a luxury. In some countries, light itself is difficult to obtain once the sun is set.  
Up to now the solutions found to this issue were expensive, dangerous and most of the time ecological nightmares.

Enters the GravityLight project and their mastering of a weight system to offer light. Here is how it works:

"Once a lamp is installed and secured, a bag of sand or rocks weighing 12 kg is attached to the mechanism. By pulling the lamp cord the weight is lifted and slowly released, the descent movement then powers up the lamp and generates light."

After an incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign, GravityLight lamps have been introduced in Kenya in October 2016.  They also launched a second campaign to set up a local assembly line:

“As well as designing GravityLight to provide a clean, safe and affordable alternative to kerosene lamps, we also want to create local jobs, skills and livelihoods for those who make and sell GravityLights.

Although GravityLight will be available internationally, Kenya is one of our launch markets for off-grid families. It represents a gateway to East Africa and has an emerging manufacturing industry, which we hope to help develop and grow.

GravityLight is hoping to be a long lasting solution, strongly implemented inside the countries that can benefit from their technology, providing light and opportunities.

Here is to technology used for the people and the planet!
The Gmelius Team

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