Thursday, 2 March 2017

Productivity tip!

Tools to improve how productive you feel

Productivity is one of our mantra, and most people’s workplace buzzword. You have to achieve great productivity; use time management to be productive; eat, pray, love productivity...

But productivity often lies in a feeling, feeling good about your day, about the tasks ahead, about yourself.

And for this, there are a couple of tools you can use to feel better, more productive:

1. A good night’s sleep

For a great number of us, sleep is complicated. And although you swear you’ll go to bed earlier each day, your sleep priorities just fall out the window every evening.

We tried out the website, where you type in the time at which you have to wake up and which give you options of when you should go to sleep by counting backwards in sleep cycles.

As a general tip we found that, if you get to bed 30 minutes before the advised time, set your alarm and then keep away from any screen or blue light by reading or relaxing, it sets you in a much better state to turn the lights off 15 minutes before you aim to sleep (the website recommends this to account for the time to fall asleep).

It won’t be a life changing experience, but it does allow you to be in a better phase of your sleep cycle when the alarm goes off.

2. Know and visualise tasks ahead

Planning is essential in the sense that it will take out some of the stress of trying to be productive and remember all of what you have to achieve at the same time. These thoughts take up a lot of room and whether you love writing it all down on paper or setting reminders, it always helps to see what lies ahead.

Trello is a great tool for project management, but it can be used in general to organise your life and juggle through diverse projects. With this you can set up boards for anything from a new website project to your family’s next holiday. You assign tasks to each board, move the tasks when completed, tag people in it to share the workload etc.

It’s a great tool to get organized and visualise the tasks left on your list.

3. Make a friend out of your inbox

Emails take out a lot of time out of everyone’s day. Some check it all day long, some try to set time aside to check their inbox, and some just try not to get overwhelmed by it.

Gmelius allows you to have a more efficient inbox without changing your habits.

You want to go through your inbox in the morning? Answer all urgent queries and snooze emails that can wait for later in the day.

You are always on your inbox but never fully committed to it? Write emails to send later, set templates to save you time or set up follow-up email reminders.

And if you just need an inbox to do a little bit more, use the integrated to-do list, check your emails open rate with read receipt or set up a CC rule to copy your messages to your CRM.

There are tools all around to help you power through a work day and feel good about it. Don’t be afraid to use them.

Enjoy that productive feeling!

The Gmelius team.

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